Monday, September 14, 2009

Texas Family Fun

I am in Texas visiting my friend Tiffany, or Tiffy as my children say, and her family. It has been so relaxing and fun. I have seen very ugly black and white ducks with red bumpy faces. And had late nights with lots of laughs. I have really enjoyed her three sweet boys. It's almost like home. But not quiet. This is the first time being so far and so long without my sweet family of handsome boys. (that includes Mark)

But definately needed. I have learned so much about myself in just these few days to really think without being the mommy or wife. Just Amber. I am stronger physically, spiritually, faithfully, and most of all have stronger faith in myself. I am proud of making it to Texas all by myself. For those who know me know that I got married at 18 years old and have never gone anywhere without Mark. It is amazing to see that I can do it. But thank goodness I don't HAVE to all the time. :)

Life has been a mess of challenges over the past 6 months or so, I have learned more though these challanges then I would have through years of bliss. I am grateful to a loving Father in Heaven who knows what I can do and a supportive Savior that helps when I forget I can.

Now it's all about living as the best ME I can be. With all my faults but more strengths.

As for an update on the boys front....they are so excited to have so many boys days. They sent a sweet video on Sunday morning saying good mornging to me and I got to webcam them later that day. They of course have done the pizza dinners and daddy's are known for, which for Mark's credit he cooks everynight so he should be able to take a little vacation from that as I vacation in TX.

All is good..... no all is great in the Lord. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

YMCA Here we come!!!!

Well I finally broke down and signed up for the Y again. I am so glad I did. I was trying to hold out till September's Waiving of the Joiner fee but once I saw the outdoor pool... that was it!!! We took a tour around noonish and by 2:30pm we were back and swimming with lots of smiles from all... until Mom had to go to physical therapy at 3:30pm. But we were back the next day as it opened at 11am and stayed till 3:30ish and the smiles were back but with well lots of sunburn faces and bodies. That was Thursday and this is Tuesday and we are all now peeling and still a little sore. But we still swim. Just with shirts.....and smiles.... and tired children. :)

As an additional thought I went to the gym today. A real gym with lots of equipment. It has only taken me 32 years to make this brave step. I sent Andrew to the Youth Wellness Room, he was so excited. And Benjamin, James and Joseph to the Kids Zone rooms. After a few tears and threats Joesph was willing to go with James and Benjamin when in another. All were happy when I returned. It ended up being a great experience. I hope to make it to the class next time, all the fuss I missed it. But I got to "work out" in the gym for about an hour. Then of course out to the pool. Over all it was a experience.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well I finally did something I have wanted to for a while. What do you get when you add a spare room+ a queen bed + a king bed? FUN FUN FUN (and hopefully tired children)
I cleaned the room and put one bed next to the other. So it is wall to wall beds. I called them up and well I videod it but some where not wearing enough to share for all. (I have boys that think that just wearing underwear counts as being dressed.)
They came down stairs for about a few minutes to eat cereal from the box get a drink and back they went. Tooo cool.
I will attach pics when more clothes are added. :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some of our summer fun!!!!

Crabbing but mostly playing on the beach and collecting fun treasures!

There were so many beautiful butterflies while they were fishing.
Benjamin actually posing for a picture.

Joseph ready to go. So watch out!!

Andrew running away. As usual!

James trying to use the fishing pole but mostly breaking it!
James and Joseph Looking very cute in my chair waiting to fish off the dock.
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Nuff said.
Smores that started at one in the afternoon because they just could not wait.
Daddy taking us out on a kayak which was so much fun.
(And we did not sink-Daddy and I- almost)
Mark made a bed for James and I to rest outside to still be with everone.
Camping is just so relaxing.
We then headed to the boardwalk and you just can't pass up bumper cars. They waited so long to finally be tall enough to go or drive by themselves. Many Many laughs.

We also went to many free movies. Leave the house at 8:30am and return at about 12 noon without any issues just enjoying the show.
And to have Chandler their MAN, so much help. And if Chanlder is there James is right behind him. Two peas in a pod.
Doesn't get better!
Well that was some of the things we did this summer. We have less than two weeks and we are still going to the beach to play in the sand all day and some other fun fishing with Daddy.
We are truely blessed to have so much family time to keep our family eternally strong.

The Beginning

It is the beginning of blogging. So Here GOES..
We went to Lums Pond for our summer vacation as I had some health issues that required me to be close to home. It was very fun. Lot's of FIRE FIRE FIRE. They wanted to play with the fire all day long and all night. And so they did. We look forward to camping again soon. You know in an enclosed structure with electricity and some type of bed already provided. Isn't that how everyone camps!!